"P" Box -$206 MSRP Mystery Box (6 Games) ALL NEW INVENTORY!
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"P" Box -$206 MSRP Mystery Box (6 Games) ALL NEW INVENTORY!

$206.00 $50.00


We have put together a limited (less than 25) of these boxes.  We can't go telling you what is inside the box, that would ruin all the fun!  

Rather than having an image that we update as we roll out new boxes and add new games/publishers, you can check our always up-to-date Google Sheet HERE.  Now you can order and ensure you never duplicate a game when ordering multiple boxes!  You can also see how many games and the MSRP of each box on the Google Sheet, super useful!


You are purchasing a MYSTERY BOX full of at LEAST 6 games with a combined MSRP of at LEAST $200 USD.  These are all board and card games like you might find at a major convention such at GenCon or Spiel (Essen) each year.  Every game has English rules and is a large-print run game, meaning the publisher produced AT LEAST 1,000 of each game.   The boxes themselves are generally either 12 X 12 X 18 inches or 11 X 14 X 17 inches depending on the type of box we have available, and weigh around 12-20 pounds.

We can't tell you what is in the box as that is a mystery for you, but we can say there can be family games, party games, euro games, strategy games, dexterity games, card games, or board games.  There are NO TCGs or games with MINIs in them and there are no roll-playing games or books.  There are not accessories or expansions except on occasion when you also get the base game needed to play the expansion.

You are getting AT LEAST 5 games and as many as 7 depending on the box.  We collect these from various well-known publishers across the board game industry.  There can be a mix of NEW/PREMIUM content as well as some less new games. 

Sometimes publishers end up with overstocked games and they need to make room for new games.  Sometimes we get brand new, premium games just because the publisher wants to get a few hundred copies of a new release game out into the market.

We only ship to the USA and ONLY ship via UPS/Fedex on all boxes as the weight/size of each box can vary.  Since this is a MYSTERY BOX there are absolutely NO RETURNS on these boxes.  We can't have customers buying boxes, opening them, and then returning them to place another order to try and get a specific game or specific box combination. 

If you get a box that arrives with some damaged games you can contact us about possible replacements or partial refunds, but most likely we will have to file an insurance claim with UPS/Fedex to get you a refund. 

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