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Where are you located and who are you?

We warehouse our product in Springville Utah, USA at the same facility as Mayday Games and Imperial Publishing (Sleeve Kings), but that does NOT mean you will necessarily get a game from one of those publishers in your mystery box. We are doing business as BGMysteryBox.com (or BoardGameMysteryBox.com) and are owned by the same owners as Mayday Games and Imperial Publishing/Sleeve Kings.  Our owner is Seth Hiatt who is the founder of both of those other companies but we are a group of board game hobby enthusiasts who love board games and can't pass up a deal!

What is your backstory?  Give us the lore!

We started out from very humble beginnings at GenCon 2023 with a small banner and a dream.  Mayday and Imperial both had some overstocked games both in the warehouse and on our pallets stored near Indianapolis, so we brought 200 mystery boxes to GenCon and found a last-minute booth (#2758) to sell these 200 mystery boxes which were almost all Mayday/Imperial product. 

Day 1 of GenCon 2023 with 200 Mystery Boxes ready to sell!

Photo from Day 1 of GenCon 2023 with our 200 Mystery Boxes ready to sell for the week.

We thought we would sell around 50/day to the public but ended up selling 169 the first day and selling out in the morning of day two!  

Day 2 of GenCon 2023, sold through almost all our original boxes and put a few more together but we were running low on product to put in them.

We had attendees asking us for more so we went to other publishers in the hall and began acquiring some of their product to create more mystery boxes which we sold over the remaining days.

By Day 3 of GenCon 2023 we had acquired a bunch more inventory from other publishers and were madly making more boxes behind the banner.  We even had to go to Walmart to buy more boxes.  

This lead us to see that not only are there a LOT of board game enthusiasts interested in purchasing games at 75% off, but there are a lot of board game publishers that need to get rid of some overstocked products.  We resolved to create this website to allow for those two needs to be met and here we are!

What exactly am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a MYSTERY BOX full of at LEAST $200 MSRP of board games.  These are board and card games like you might find at a major convention such at GenCon or Spiel (Essen) each year.  Every game has English rules and is a large-print run game, meaning the publisher produced AT LEAST 1,000 of each game.  

We can't tell you what is in the box as that is a mystery for you, but we can say there can be family games, party games, euro games, strategy games, dexterity games, card games, or board games.  There are NO TCGs or games with MINIs in them and there are no roll-playing games or books.  There are not accessories or expansions except on occasion when you also get the base game too.  In cases of expansions we value those at less than MSRP for our MSRP calculation, meaning that if you get expansions or extras then the MSRP of your box will be higher than $200 USD.

You are getting AT LEAST 5 games and as many as 7 depending on the box.  We collect these from various well-known publishers across the board game industry.  There is a mix of NEW/PREMIUM content as well as some less new games.  Sometimes we get overstocked games where the publisher is needing to make room for new games, and sometimes we get brand new premium games just because the publisher wants to get a few hundred copies of a new release game out into the market. 

We won't have more than 1/3 of any single publisher in a game box so you will be getting at LEAST 3 different publishers' games in each box.

Why are there letters after each box? Like Box A, B, C, D, etc?  

Each "series" of A,B,C, etc. are the SAME items in each series, so if you were to buy two BOX A sets you would get the identical thing in each box.  If you look at each box we try to give you some general information to the box such as how many different publishers' games are in each box and the MSRP of each of the at least 6 games.  

Note that each lettered box is unique and while most boxes are completely different, each box may have one game that another lettered box has, so you're never getting more than 1 in 6 games the same if you order multiple boxes.  

Rather than having an image that we update as we roll out new boxes and add new games/publishers, you can check our always up-to-date Google Sheet HERE.  Now you can order and ensure you never duplicate a game when ordering multiple boxes!  You can also see how many games and the MSRP of each box on the Google Sheet, super useful!


How and where do you ship?  

We only ship to the continental USA (lower 48 states and NOT APO/AE or PR, AK or Hawaii) and ONLY ship via UPS or Fedex depending on which is cheaper.  We can't ship to PO Boxes as UPS doesn't deliver to them generally. 

Returns Policy

Since this is a MYSTERY BOX there are absolutely NO RETURNS on these boxes.  We can't have customers buying boxes, opening them, and then returning them to place another order to try and get a specific game or specific box combination.  

Of course if you get a damaged game we will help you with the UPS/FEDEX insurance claim.  We aren't selling any damaged/used games so they should all be new and undamaged.  

What is in the future for these mystery boxes?

We don't know how long we will do this and it really depends on supply and demand, we hope to be around for many years and anticipate getting more stock and expanding our offerings in the future to include mystery boxes of specific genres to also be offered.

Can I do local pickup?

If you live in Utah or are coming through and want to pick up an order from us note that is fine for us, go ahead and check out on your order and email support@maydaygames.com to let us know you would like to pick up your order. We can arrange for that and refund your shipping when you pick up at our warehouse at 380 West 700 South Ste #3 Springville UT 84663. We are generally there M-F from about 10 to 4. 

Contact Us

If you need something that isn't covered here please contact us at support@bgmysterybox.com and Curt will be happy to help you.  Note he can take 1-2 BUSINESS days to reply so please be patient.   If you are a publisher who wants to talk to us about providing some games please just email us too!



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